Why Home Inspections Is Crucial For Homeowners

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If you’re buying, selling, or renovating a home in Auckland then checkM8 Building Surveys can assist with impartial and professional Auckland home inspections covering many years of experience with specific areas of building and construction. Professional and experienced, these experts will undertake comprehensive, flexible and convenient house or building survey services that give you peace of mind and allow you to move on with your life, knowing that your home has been professionally and completely inspected. Whether it’s an independent surveyor or one that works for a builder’s association or real estate agency, these trustworthy and independent specialists will provide you with expert advice and guidance whether there are problems with your current home or whether planning to buy or sell your next property. They have a reputation for providing the most complete and relevant reports for your particular needs and can offer valuable advice, whether it’s a condition assessment pest inspection, structural test, electrical safety assessment or leakage detection. They will even offer you affordable building and construction advice when it comes to improving your home, whether it be on the interior exterior or both.


Auckland building surveys are a must for all property owners. With some Auckland properties having up to 30 years of wear and tear, or having extensive structural damage, having a professional assess your property before purchasing or using it as a rental property, is essential to ensure you get full value for money and avoid potential costly repairs. With the increasing number of older homes on the market and the rising numbers of people looking to buy or sell, the number of faulty and unrepairable properties out there has also increased. Property owners are at great risk of losing money through expensive repairs, missed deadlines, and poor quality home or building.


Home inspectors can work independently or as part of a real estate agency or realtor. They will thoroughly assess the condition of the property and carry out a visual inspection and review of the property. They will identify and report any problems such as: structural, pest or electrical issues. Home inspections are essential to ensure your home remains safe and secure for your family, friends, and pets. If there are problems with your home, getting it inspected by experts could save you thousands of dollars on possible future repairs or even loss of property if there is a fault.

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