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Wetsuit Zipper Repair – Tips And Techniques

The wetsuit zipper repair is a popular and significant part the triathlon equipment. It is also very important that you are aware of the proper technique to repair it. If you’re not using the correct technique, you might end up damaging it or worse, ruining your race suit. The techniques that you need to learn include pulling the piece of the suit forward to repair the zippers, tying a knot on both sides to hold it in place and sewing it with a sewing needle. However, many people make the mistake of just starting to sew the piece back by pulling it. In the Northern Indian culture, this is known as tying the ‘poli’ or tying the piece of the clothing together.

wetsuit zipper repair

Wetsuit Zipper Repair – Tips And Techniques

In case you have a damaged wetsuit zipper repair on the bottom of your swim wear, the most common approach used by many individuals to repair it is by cutting off the excess material at the bottom and sewing it with a sewing needle. However, in some cases, this can cause serious damage to the suit bottom. If the seam has been cut too deep, there is a big possibility that your swimmer will not be able to dive down and try for a rescue.

In case you have a broken zipper slider, you should remove the bottom part of the wetsuit and then you should pull the bottom half of the suit downwards and then remove the remaining part of the fabric from the inner side of the suit bottom. The broken slider should be pushed back into its original position by taking a pencil or some other small sharp object. You should then fold the plastic over the damaged portion and sew the newly formed slider to the suit bottom.

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