Romanian Personnel Recruitment Agency

Romanian personnel recruitment

Agence intérim service is recruiting high quality staff for its global clients ever since 1994, being continuously successful in requests for skilled staff in a variety of fields. The organization is seeking reliable European partners, so as to provide Romanian manpower force under multi-tenant contractual agreements. In these years, the service has also helped in developing a number of career opportunities in fields such as engineering, architecture, education and business administration. The main target market of this recruitment service is Europe, but it works successfully in developing other clientele countries as well.


The demand for skilled Romanian professionals is on the increase due to the fact that the new generations are settling in Western European countries, taking permanent residence in the countries and increasing the population in these Western European countries, making use of the European job market even more effectively. In the case of Romania, there are many potential candidates for available jobs. The major cities of Romania like Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Sofia etc. have a high population of Romanians. The main reasons for the increasing demand for Romanian manpower are:


Besides that the wages and the working conditions in Romania are extremely attractive, making Romanian workers extremely suitable for international projects and businesses. Many international companies have expressed interest to recruit Romanian professionals. This increases the demand for Romanian labour force and consequently, the need for skilled Romanian manpower. As a result, an increased demand for Romanian professionals who are ready to relocate to other countries, has been realized and the Romanian Agency is able to satisfy this urgent requirement of international companies.

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