Prestige City Plots – Booming Developments in Andhra Pradesh

Prestige City Plots | Prestige Developer are being dreamed by realtors and developers to be the next California Master Plan. This platted land has all the basic facilities of a modern society like Wide streets, Multi-purpose parking lots, multi-settable buildings, shopping malls, multi-specialty service provider, multi-storey buildings. The developer should be endowed with the budget for the huge investment required to develop this residential community on the lake’s shore. This lake has all the basic facilities of any large city. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is also giving huge incentives to build residential communities on the Prestige City Plots.

Prestige City Plots – A Complete Residential Enclosure

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced lucrative incentive packages to encourage private builders to develop the Prestige City Plots and develop it into a modern lifestyle destination. The developer should take into consideration the feasibility studies that are done by the Central Institute of Housing Technology. They have estimated the total Area of the platted land to be about 1400 acres and it is located on the south-western side of the lake.

The developers have to use the lake’s depth, its proximity to important infrastructure and commercial centres and the natural beauty as its primary advantage to attract buyers from all over the country and the world. To fulfill this, there should be multi-purpose industries, good employment rate, multi-service facilities, and availability of jobs in all categories. These factors are necessary to make Prestige City Plots a great boom for all the residents of Andhra Pradesh. The developers can opt for affordable and luxurious residential properties as well as commercial spaces. If they are successful, they will become symbols of strength and prosperity for Andhra Pradesh and the surrounding areas.

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