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Enjoy the Day at a YMCA With a Long Day Care Program

YMCA Torquay Early Learning Centre has been established in the Titchfield area for over 20 years. Established with a vision to offer outstanding facilities and services, it now caters for children as young as two! This centre prides itself on its friendly, outgoing style, giving kids a chance to make friends, socialize and improve their personal development at an early age. YMCA staff are dedicated to ensuring that all kids have an opportunity to enjoy themselves, making their experience fun and enjoyable.

How To Enjoy the Day at a YMCA

torquay early learning centre

YMCA’s services are geared towards providing quality preschool age childcare, with a variety of activities that cater to the interests and developmental needs of children. In the centre, kids can play games, engage in hands-on arts and crafts, learn about nature and nurture their growing minds. Many centres feature a library featuring books, movies and documentaries. For adults, the ideal way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors is to take long walks, biking or horseback riding. You can also experience the great hospitality of the locals by sampling some of the fabulous cuisine served in the restaurant. The YMCA Torquay Early Learning Centre boasts a variety of facilities and amenities to make your family stay fun and safe.

hen it comes to choosing a preschool education provider, parents should make sure they check whether the centre features a kindergarten, primary, junior kindergarten through to a college-level program. Check to see if there are programs for gifted children and special needs too. The YMCA also offers therapeutic services like yoga, massage, physiotherapy, swimming, dance and Tai Chi to improve overall health and well being of everyone. While you are visiting the Torquay early learning centre, be sure to check out its amazing fitness facilities that include an indoor pool, climbing walls, cycling tracks and walking areas.

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