Companies That Hire Felons

Companies that Hire Felons

If you’re a felon, you may wonder which companies hire felons. While it is not common, there are many large corporations that do. Microsoft, for example, hires felons. Other large companies, including General Electric, employ over 205,000 people and have diverse businesses. Generally speaking, felons are often overlooked, but that shouldn’t stop them from hiring them. They’re just not the best choice for every company.

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There are some industries that specifically recruit felons. One such industry is the restaurant business. While jobs in this field pay minimum wage and may require some physical strength, this is not a career for the faint of heart. For those looking for an entry-level job, a hospitality course may be a good choice. Many other companies also hire felons for food service positions, which are often low-level and pay minimum wage.

It’s important to remember that companies that hire felons often don’t guarantee hiring them. Many companies carefully evaluate applicants, considering their background and age at the time of the crime. You should apply to as many companies as possible that match your qualifications and interests, and work with re-entry programs to get a job. The right company can provide you with a job that’s both rewarding. A felon’s best chance is a job in a business that understands how disadvantaged they are, and a company that is willing to take that risk is a good place to start.

Regardless of your criminal history, there are plenty of trucking companies that will consider hiring felons. The majority of companies have simple online application processes, so you shouldn’t be too discouraged if your first few companies don’t hire you. After all, your attitude will be your greatest asset, so make sure you look your best when going on an interview. When you’re applying to trucking companies, remember to dress to impress and be yourself.

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