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Common Causes of Nebraska Car Accidents

Nebraska car accidents are the third highest in the nation, and the cost of those accidents is extremely high. According to the US Department of Transportation, Nebraska ranks eighth in the nation for vehicle accident cost. The cost of a Nebraska car accident can be extreme depending on the type of accident, as well as the severity. All states experience some type of traffic accident, but Nebraska’s costliest car accidents tend to occur in the winter months and around certain holidays. Traffic accidents cost a lot of money to repair, which is why insurance is required for all drivers.

Common Causes of Nebraska Car Accidents

A Nebraska car crash, like most accidents, can be divided into two categories. Single vehicle crashes are more likely to result in injuries and/or vehicle damage. Damage caused by collisions with other vehicles is also more common in Nebraska than in most other states. Of the drivers in a single-vehicle crash, approximately 60 percent are transported to a hospital, while another percentage are treated at home. Because of the higher level of injuries and damage resulting from such crashes, the cost of those crashes is greater than in most other states.

Multiple vehicle crashes, sometimes referred to as multi-car crashes, are more likely to cause fatalities and serious injury. These crashes are more common in Nebraska than in any other state. While not all drivers involved in multi-car crashes will be injured or killed, the cost of treating them at a specialty hospital can reach millions of dollars. The cost of treating multiple patients can easily top tens of thousands of dollars. Nebraska car accidents, because of the frequency and severity of the crashes, are a leading cause of medical bills for residents of the state. Because these types of accidents tend to occur when traffic is congested, when weather conditions are poor, or when night falls, drivers who are driving around in unsafe conditions are particularly susceptible to Nebraska car accidents.

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