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Becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist

Becoming a certified yoga therapist is not easy. To become an IAYT-approved program holder, you will have to complete at least 200 hours of certified yoga teacher training, at the very least 1 year of active teaching practice, and a yearly personal practice. The training must be from an IIT JEE, or equivalent. This is because the Certification Board for Yoga Therapy does not recognize or endorse any individual, private therapist credentials.


There are many things that go into becoming an Iaya certified yoga therapist training program holder. If you are in an IYT program and wish to become a certified instructor, you will need to take the GYT exam which is administered by the Yoga Institute of America. It is important to note that many Yoga studios do not offer this exam, nor do they require it, but the IYT does. There is also an additional certification exam, the C-Iayt, that is needed to become a certified Iaya instructor.


In order to sit for the GYT exam, many Iaya instructors and teachers are required to complete the GYT-approved yoga therapy teacher training certificate. The exam and the training certificate are both nationally recognized. For those who complete their yoga alliance classes or the bby teacher training certificate, they will be required to complete a final evaluation in order to receive their official Iaya certification. In order to get the Iaya certification, the teacher must successfully complete the requirements for the Iaya exam, as well as all other necessary GYT or BYT requirements.