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Thai Restaurant in West End – A True Thai Experience

thai restaurant west end

Thai Restaurant West End is an original concept from Thailand that I created with my wife when we came here six years ago. I wanted to create a restaurant where we could feel relaxed and truly enjoy our meal. It also made it easy for our guests to feel comfortable with the atmosphere and menu. The atmosphere and menu are inspired by the flavors of Thailand. Our menu consists of authentic Thai dishes, with a twist of modern and southwestern flair.”


There are two concepts at work in this delightful dining experience: the “family” theme (which includes chicken Pho, Momos, etc), and the “craftsmanship” theme. In addition to a fine selection of exquisite seafood, Thai cooking is accomplished by using the same ingredients, methods, techniques, etc., for preparing the dishes as the Thai people themselves. This allows diners to experience authentic Thai cuisine at its best. Also, many of the ingredients used are grown in Thailand, therefore the food is not imported.


Guests are complimentary at each table throughout the dinner. The atmosphere is lively with music blending with the thumping of the open doors. The service is very attentive and friendly. The staff takes great care in making sure your needs are met. At the end of each meal, the restaurant offers a complimentary bamboo steamer and umbrella to take care of you as you wind down. What more could you ask for?