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HVAC Systems

HVAC is one of the oldest technologies in existence. It was first developed at the end of the 1800’s by Arthur HVAC, who was a renowned medical doctor and expert in the field of medical devices. He invented a gas-powered device that can be used for heating and cooling purposes. It was his vision to make home heating and cooling systems more efficient and user friendly. Visit website


HVAC is a combination of air conditioning and heating. HVAC consists of two main components: heating appliances such as radiators, heaters and furnaces, and cooling appliances such as air conditioners, chillers and refrigerators. The basic principle of HVAC is to warm and cool the environment by circulating air through duct work. Since heating and cooling are two separate functions, HVAC systems were designed differently. Some of the more common HVAC techniques include: Forced air, convection, radiant heat and gravity flow. Of these techniques, the forced-air system is the oldest.


The air conditioner uses the principle of the refrigerant and provides instant cold air in case of a problem with the heating system. Chiller is designed to condition the air in the premises during a cold winter, and a chill furnace is used during a heating season. In addition, a new style of heating system, called biomass-to-gas heat exchangers or Biogas heat exchangers use gasification of biomass to turn natural gas into heating fuel, which then burns inside the heating system and provides safe, clean burning fuel for the domestic heating system.