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Make Your Garden Last Longer by Using an Urban Composter

Urban Composter is the perfect organic green solution to an urban dweller’s composting needs. All sorts of organic food waste can be conveniently added. These include fish, meat, fruits, citrus, dairy products, coffee grounds and much more. You can cut up smaller pieces into smaller pieces for faster digestion to enable you to have a healthier garden in no time at all.


Because it is an automatic composting system, your urban composter will take care of itself. That means no more work from you, no more digging holes and no more work with un-rated compost in bags or on the shelves. It also means no more dealing with all the un-rated and filtered water that inevitably ends up in the drain. Your only task will be to add the appropriate amount of water and let the automatic composting process do its thing.


What’s more is that this intelligent urban compost is powered by either electricity or propane gas, which is great for your garden as well as being more environmentally friendly (since they use non-energy generating sources). It will keep food scraps, coffee grounds and other food wastes in a dark place so that the nutrients (and bad parts) don’t get contaminated. But what is even better is that it can even give you a garden boost by supplying some healthy organic fertilizer. If you add a good dose of this good stuff to your soil and then use your Urban Composter to fertilize your plants and vegetables, you can expect them to grow much better than if you just used a regular commercial fertilizer.