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Recently I bought myself a couple of alloy canopies. I have always had an interest in metal work and so bought myself a couple of books on welding and so looked at a lot of different manufacturers of these canopies. So went to my local supplier who had his in house shop and he told me about this new alloy canopy that he said was very lightweight but was so strong that he could not believe his eyes! It was very impressive just like the ones they use for aircraft at airports but unlike the aircraft they use these canopies at farms. Anyway I am very pleased I think and I shall be getting a couple more of these canopies because they are so cool looking.

How to know All About Alloy Canopies

alloy canopy


So went back to my local supplier and he told me all about this new alloy canopy that he said was not seam welded; it was actually made from an inner frame around which was fitted with the outer tube and their brand of metal extrusion for the top rails that had a t slot in the middle for fitting hooks etc along the top. and also had reinforcing bars fitted on the sides as well. Also had a couple of small valves in the side of the inner frame for changing the battery. Then he said that he would be coming back with the next models in the near future and suggested I have a quick look at what he had available.

Well after looking at a few of the canopies he said the following about them; the main reason for buying the canopies mount was that he needed to put some extra wiring in the front end of his vehicle for a long trip, so bought a full size (which is fine by me) and a spare wheel. Then he wanted a bit of a bump behind the vehicle in the boot for his spare tyre and bolt things into the rear of his car for his spare wheel and so on. Also needed a bit of extra wiring for his brake light because he always used the emergency brake and wanted to be able to see him in case someone else had a spare wheel or needed to get it out, because if you’re not on your own, then you know what they mean when they say to pull over. Also his car stereo system needed some spares because he always listened to the radio on his long trips.

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