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Digital Restoration

digital restoration

Digital restoration is basically the process of restoring the digital look of an old photograph that has been significantly damaged either by over exposure, human-induced, or natural forces. When you talk about digital photography, it is basically the reproduction of the original image that was captured on film using a digital camera and then edited through a computer program. Generally, in order for digital photography to be properly restored, you’ll need to start with a good quality scanner, a high quality photo paper, and a high quality printing process to make your digital photo restoration a success.

What it is and How it Can Help You Restore Photos

In most cases, when someone says they are doing digital image scanning, they’re referring to scanning an existing picture onto a regular picture paper that is used for regular photos. This process is known as traditional film restoration. Today, digital images have reached the point where scanning them into a regular picture paper is not going to provide you with the desired result. It’s because digital images are scanned directly onto a non-porous non-lossy photo paper which can only be manipulated in three ways – by adding in a transparent coating, stretching the paper, or cutting it in any way. Film restoration is something that needs to be completed by professionals in order to be restored correctly. It is also often more expensive than regular film restoration.

Digital image scanning is usually the first step in doing digital restoration. Once the scanning is complete, you’ll then want to either convert the scanned image into a JPEG file, or some other lossless image format such as PNG, etc. Then you’ll want to either do manual or automated image editing to make the changes you’ve made to the picture as close to the original as possible. You can also then either save the resulting JPEG file or another format and print it out. You could also actually email the JPEG to someone else through the Internet if you so desire to.