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Volume Framing – An Overview

volume framing

Volume Framing is a great way to add aesthetic style to any home. If you have a large volume of items that need to fit into a relatively small amount of space, such as a bedroom or entertainment area, custom framing is the answer to your problem. By choosing a frame with large, even dimensions and choosing standard matting, you can eliminate a large percentage of back and forth travel time when displaying objects in a large room. In addition, you can choose standard size, low maintenance vinyl, allowing you to create a clean, modern look, while still maintaining durability.

Why You Never See Volume Framing That Actually Works

Before hiring a professional, it is important to understand the basics of volume framing services. The process is composed of framing a large, oversized picture using standard framing, as well as the installation of a special backing board, known as “backing”. The large picture, as well as any other framed objects are then hung on the wall. The backing board, which may be laminated, must match the colors of the walls. In addition, the artist must ensure that all corners and edges are smooth, as this will help with the final finish of the project.

Although volume framing is not typically the most technologically advanced technique, the ability to create a large amount of framed art in a relatively short period of time has helped many artistic artists enjoy success. Furthermore, because there are minimal restrictions on the types of items that can be framed, a person with a wide variety of skills can create beautiful artwork using this technique. When looking for a custom framing service, be sure to view examples of finished works by local artists to determine if this type of custom framing is right for you.